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Chemical barrier systems provide a zone of treated soil, poisonous to termites, under footings and slabs and/or around the perimeter.  Chemicals registered for termite protection include synthetic pyrethroids (modified).

These chemicals have varied life expectancies (refer to product label & directions), depending on soil and exposure conditions and will therefore require replenishment at regular intervals.
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Camilleri Underslab Injection System

Termites are destructive! 
These tiny insects are responsible for in excess of $100 million worth of building structural damage to homes throughout Australia each and every year.

Did you know that one in two homes built on a concrete slab is likely to experience termite infestation within the first five years of construction?

The Camilleri Underslab Injection System is an economic solution for complete termite prevention!

It is the only TERMITE CONTROL RETICULATION SYSTEM on the market today that can boast over 22 years of successful long-term termite free installations.

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Monitoring & Intervention Systems - back
The principle of monitoring techniques is to have a susceptible substance in an aggregation device ("monitoring station") on which the termites aggregate and continue to feed once they have found the monitoring station. Monitoring stations can be placed in in-ground and above-ground situations. Placement of the stations in areas conducive to termite activity ("directed placement") enhances the chances of contact with foraging termites. A toxicant in timber or a cellulose matrix can be placed in the station or the colony may be indirectly destroyed by dusting aggregated termites.

Some toxicants eliminate the colony while others suppress the colony. However, both methods reduce potential to cause further damage to timbers. Termite monitoring is most beneficial when used as part of an integrated-pest-management strategy. Colony elimination or suppression should be followed by hazard reduction and regular inspection. Monitoring should continue because only a small amount of toxin is used and does not prevent foraging by other termite colonies that may be present in the foraging range of a timber structure.
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