Pest Control Services

In solving and/or identifying your pest control problems we believe there is a process that needs to be followed. Firstly we start with the pest identification stage. This is essential because we need to determine exactly what your pest problem is so that our licensed Pest Control Technicians can recommend a solution suitable to your needs and the requirements of the environment.

Part of our pest control service is to look at your overall pest problem within your environment, and advise you if there are other pests that you should be made aware of, and brought to your attention. Our licensed Pest Control Technicians will discuss with you a pest control solution, and program, that will enable you to be in control of what is happening in your home and/or the environment in which you are working and/or living in.

You will be in control of what treatment is to take place in your home and surrounding environment, and the type of pest control system you require to eliminate your problem areas.


n Australia, a number of rodent species are agricultural pests. ...
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Termites (also known as white-ants) are all over Australia causing ...
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Half of the cockroaches in Australia can be found in ...
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Possum Control

Possums are marsupials with long thick tails. Possums are typically ...
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Feral Animals

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Ants are social insects which live in nests. The nests ...
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Spiders are invertebrates with a two part body (phalo thorax ...
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Wasps are a diverse group of insects. In Australia alone ...
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There are 16 different families of fleas worldwide, consisting of ...
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The Pests We Treat

We offer a complete pest control service for the Ipswich, Brisbane and surrounding areas however there are some pests that require specialised treatment.
For example, to treat fire ants, the pest controller needs to be registered with the state government.

We do treat all the normal household pest such as:

Termites Lice Cockroaches
Silverfish Spiders Carpet Beetles
Redback Spiders Clothes Moths Ants
Wood Borers Rodents Pigeons
Fleas Possums Bees
Bed Bugs Wasps

Commercial Pest Control Treatments

We are equipped for and experienced in commercial pest control treatments. For us to be better able to understand your requirements, please call us so we can discuss your needs and provide you with a quote.

To request a pest control treatment or make an enquiry, click here

Pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspections

Before you buy a home, it is recommended that you have a termite inspection report prepared to make sure the property is not infested by termites or other timber pests.

Timber pests can travel 50 metres underground, so fencing checks are necessary in a thorough inspection. A thorough Termite inspection and report will inform you about any current infestation, previous damage, areas likely to be infested in the future, and areas where additional inspections are recommended to maintain effective physical and chemical timber pest barriers.

   Valued Customers

Our priority is the Health and Safety of our customers, staff & community engagement during the the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

We are closely monitoring & following the advice provided by the Department of Health regarding the COVID-19 virus to ensure we continue to meet and provide safe practises while onsite at your premises. We have put into place the following procedures to provide you with confidence while we are onsite protecting your asset from pests.

We can also assure you that no staff member of Common Courtesy has recently travelled or been in contact with anyone overseas.

As time goes by, procedures that you are a custom to may vary in order for us to continue a service for you. We will keep you updated with any changes that may affect your appointment.

I would like to take this time to say thank you so much for supporting a small family business, it is very much appreciated. Keep safe, keep your distance and remember to wash your hands often.

Brian, Darlene, Marty and Wendy