Chemical barrier systems provide a zone of treated soil, poisonous to termites, under footings and slabs and/or around the perimeter.  Chemicals registered for termite protection include synthetic pyrethroids (modified).

These chemicals have varied life expectancies (refer to product label & directions), depending on soil and exposure conditions and will therefore require replenishment at regular intervals.

Chemical Barriers we use


   FMC’s new Biflex Aqua provides professional pest controllers with all the benefits of Biflex in a water-based formulation that is practically odourless.

Registered for indoor and outdoor use, this revolutionary product offers unparalleled flexibility, user friendliness and superior internal/external termite and insect control.


       Features **

              Benefits **

Nil odour

Satisfied customers

Water based formulation

Safe around the home


Operator comfort

Long residual call backs

Proven control =>less

Broad label

Indoor /outdoor use

Developed by FMC

High performance / quality product

Even Soil Distribution

Confident Termite application

**When used according to label instructions






The “New” Ultra-Lo-Odour formulation in Biflex® Ultra combines the proven performance of Biflex® with the comfort of “No Smell” for all your external termite and insect pest treatments. Biflex ® Ultra-Lo-Odour is arguably the ultimate in EC formulations combining user and client comfort with the reliability and features you have come to expect from one of the worlds leading termiticides. Ask us about Biflex ® Ultra-Lo-Odour today.


Spiders / Wasps (Paper nest) /Ants /Cockroaches / Fleas / Flies / Mosquitoes / Ticks / Subterranean Termite


Ultra Low Odour formulation

Unmatched Performance Does not move in the soil Low Application Rate

Cost Effective

Easy to use

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Now the solution has finally arrived – TERMIDOR

Termites are increasingly causing major structural damage to buildings throughout Australia. Since the banning of older but effective chemistry in the 1980’s, there has been a frenzied search for a termite control product that offers real, long-term control and fast initial kill, no smell and low toxicity to humans and pets.


  • TERMIDOR will not repel termites and therefore they cannot avoid the treatment.
  • TERMIDOR will prevent concealed termite entry to structures for a minimum of 8 years on ALL TERMITE SPECIES – a claim no other termite control product can make.
  • TERMIDOR is fast – On average, termite activity was eliminated within 4.3 weeks in Australian trials.
  • TERMIDOR has a unique mode of action.
  • TERMIDOR is less water-soluble and binds more tightly to the organic matter in soil than other non-repellent termiticides. This means it stays where it is applied.
  • TERMIDOR has no effect on soil micro-organisms, earth worms or plants.
  • TERMIDOR has been used on over 2 million homes in the US and over 15000 buildings in Australia since its introduction in 2002.

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